Quick Loader motorbike trailers

QL1C Any one bike, including custom choppers, Goldwings, rocket 3 triumph Our Vision

Achieving industry-leading customer satisfaction, operation performance and durability by designing, manufacturing and delivering high quality motorbike trailers throughout Southern Africa.

Our Mission

Building a heritage of quality, value and design excellence.

The Company

Trailrite Trailers was established in 1977 and over the years one thing has remained the same: Design excellence, Quality construction, Superior value. Trialrite has a comprehensive range of trailers for industrial, domestic and recreational use.

 Trailrite has recently added the “Quick Loader”, designed by Johnny van Rooyen in 2002, to it’s stables. The “Quick Loader” design guarantees one person loading and unloading, quickly and safely, of motorcycles, golf carts, quads, trikes and any combination of the fore mentioned vehicles.

We know that the right trailer with the right features and accessories, will greatly enhance your work or play experience. When comparing what distinguishes us from the opposition are necessities such as: Durability, versatility and value, It will lead you to choose better than the best. You’ll choose us…!