Custom built motorbike trailer

This is the definition of a custom built motorbike trailer. A client saw a Quick Loader QL1B in the parking lot of a shopping centre and was so impressed with the workmanship and build quality that he contacted us. After discussing he’s individual needs over the phone we arranged a meeting at he’s home. Saturday morning saw us driving through to meet him where we took measurements of both he’s vehicles and agreed to design the Quick Loader to meet he’s unique requirements. A few days later we emailed him the design which met with he’s approval and so the process of manufacturing could start.Custom built motorbike trailer 4

We were in constant contact with the client throughout the build ensuring that he’s needs were met. After final assembly he brought both the Smart car and the IQ to our factory for final fitment. We were then able to allocate tie down points and locate the stoppers for the Smart Cars wheels. This ensured that the trailer was perfectly balanced and that both vehicles were properly secured for transit.

The following day our client arrived with he’s park home ready to take delivery of he’s custom built Quick Loader. Needless to say he was over the moon with the final trailer. I guided him through the process of loading both he’s vehicles and securing them to the Quick Loader. He was now ready to travel throughout Southern Africa fulfilling a lifelong dream of exploring all the treasures that our country and our nabour’s have to offer.

Our facilities and expertise allow us at Trailrite Trailers and QuickLoader to design a  motorbike trailer around your individual needs. The process as outlined above is similar to that which we follow with each custom build and allows us to ensure that all your unique expectations and needs are not only met but also surpassed.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and put our team to the test, you will not be disappointed.

The Quick Loader team