Africa Bike Week 23 – 26 of April 2015

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“Africa Bike Week™ is an annual event that brings Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts, riders, their families and friends from across South Africa to the eastern coastal town of Margate for the biggest free biker bash on the continent.” – From the official Africa Bike Week website

2015 Africa Bike week takes place from the 23 – 26 of April in Margate on the South Coast of KZN. Africa Bike Week 2015While most of us look forward to the ride, open highways and meandering mountain passes it is not always practical to ride down. Allot of us make Africa Bike week a family trip. Enjoying the time with family and friends starts when you leave home as the road trip is where most of the memories are made.

Towing your bike, doesn’t matter how you justify it will always result in your mates giving a hard time and taking the “Mickey” out of you around the pub or breakfast table. But green is the colour of envy & jealousy makes you nasty especially when you have your steed mounted on a Quick Loader Trailer. Not all of us are able to ride our bikes to every event but towing your steed to the function should not be stigmatised. It’s a practical solution to get your family and yourself to attend distant Rally’s and events and still allows you the freedom to ride once you get to your destination.

Quick Loader has a comprehensive range of motorcycle trailers to meet your individual needs. Weather you have an 883 Sportster, CVO trike, or three custom choppers. Quick Loader has a trailer for you. The Quick Loader range is versatile and we can easily customise our designs to your individual needs and preferences.
Trailers for sale or rent, we offer both options. Send a request from our website or contact us directly for a free quotation.

We try and always have stock of the full range of Quick Loaders but it is best not to leave your order to the last minute.

Our rental fleet is well maintained and ready for the long journey ahead.
Bookings are essential to ensure availability.

Contact Quick Loader for an obligation free quote for your Quick Loader Motorbike trailer.

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Fraudsters are trying to sell motorcycle trailers and bike trailers

Be careful when buying motorcycle trailers and bike trailers

Trailrite Trailers has been manufacturing trailers since 1977 and need to make the general public and clients aware of the conmen trying to sell fictitious products especially trailers unsuspecting or ignorant people.

Crime and fraud spikes as the year draws nearer to the December holidays. The criminals prowl on the ignorant public who are looking for a bargain buys at prices that are “too good to be true”. This fraud and criminal activities are wide spread and can be found across the country as people are looking for bargains on-line, be it for a lounge suit, TV, holiday accommodation or a trailer.Fraudsters are trying to sell motorcycle trailers and bike trailers

It has come to our attention that the fraudsters have found a target market in the form of motorcycle trailers and bike trailers. They are stealing information and photos from the websites of reputable (and sometimes no so reputable trailer manufacturers) and then cloning it to use as malicious adverts on “free classified” type websites, such as Gumtree, OLX and Junkmail. These fraudulent adverts claim that they are the manufacturers of these bike trailers and that valid registration documents are supplied on the purchase of your “trailer”. Their victims then lured in buy the bargain prices and are quick to pay deposits on the face value of the advert and supporting photos. The conmen then never deliver and you lose your money. The tragedy is then compounded as your holiday plans have been shattered through both the loss of money and not having a trailer to take your motorcycle or other items with on your annual vacation.

Please be aware of these scams when searching on-line for your bargain trailer, be it a bike trailer, luggage trailer, ect. Adverts that are too good to be true often are…! It is human nature to bargain hunt and pay the cheapest possible price for products and for that reason these conmen are feeding on ignorant people who are lured into their web of deception. Don’t squander your hard earned money and give it so willingly to these conmen. If you cannot view the trailer in person, then get a friend or family member to go and view it for you. You also need to ensure that the VIN (vehicle identification number) on the E.NATIS registration documents are both stamped on the trailer’s A-frame and appears on the manufacturers data plate are the same and are correct. If the trailer is brand new or manufactured after September 2012 the trailer must also be MICRO-dotted and the original accompanying certificate must accompany the registration documents and the ID of the person / proxy selling you the trailer.

If you suspect that the advert you are reading might be a scam please report it to the hosting website.

Custom built motorbike trailer

This is the definition of a custom built motorbike trailer. A client saw a Quick Loader QL1B in the parking lot of a shopping centre and was so impressed with the workmanship and build quality that he contacted us. After discussing he’s individual needs over the phone we arranged a meeting at he’s home. Saturday morning saw us driving through to meet him where we took measurements of both he’s vehicles and agreed to design the Quick Loader to meet he’s unique requirements. A few days later we emailed him the design which met with he’s approval and so the process of manufacturing could start.Custom built motorbike trailer 4

We were in constant contact with the client throughout the build ensuring that he’s needs were met. After final assembly he brought both the Smart car and the IQ to our factory for final fitment. We were then able to allocate tie down points and locate the stoppers for the Smart Cars wheels. This ensured that the trailer was perfectly balanced and that both vehicles were properly secured for transit.

The following day our client arrived with he’s park home ready to take delivery of he’s custom built Quick Loader. Needless to say he was over the moon with the final trailer. I guided him through the process of loading both he’s vehicles and securing them to the Quick Loader. He was now ready to travel throughout Southern Africa fulfilling a lifelong dream of exploring all the treasures that our country and our nabour’s have to offer.

Our facilities and expertise allow us at Trailrite Trailers and QuickLoader to design a  motorbike trailer around your individual needs. The process as outlined above is similar to that which we follow with each custom build and allows us to ensure that all your unique expectations and needs are not only met but also surpassed.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and put our team to the test, you will not be disappointed.

The Quick Loader team

DJ Rally The Classic Motorcycle Rally

I will be competing in my first DJ Rally, following the foots steps of my father and many other great men. My father has competed in 9 DJ events with he’s first being in 1975 competing on a 1935 BSA 500, and below is a photo of Johnny before last year’s 100th DJ event. I will be riding a 1936 350 cc Ariel Red Hunter. The accompanying photo is of the glorious Red herself. This year’s event starts from Hillcrest on Friday morning with the evening sleepover in Newcastle. Friday we travel to Johannesburg finishing at the Turfontien Race course around 1pm.. Please be patient as I will only be able to reply to your enquiries on the 10/03/2014. Below is a brief history of the event as well as a link to the official DJ website.

Wish me luck as I set of on this adventure…! Sincerely
Jaycee van Rooyen

DJ Rally The Classic Motorcycle Rally - Jonny and the 1936 350 cc Ariel Red Hunter DJ Rally The Classic Motorcycle Rally - I will be riding a 1936 350 cc Ariel Red Hunter

DJ Rally The Classic Motorcycle Rally is the first motorcycle race between Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa, was held in 1913. At that time, a touring trip between the cities by road was an adventure in itself and motorists prepared themselves well in advance for all the eventualities such as mud, punctures and mechanical breakdown. Normally the trip would take two or three days and on their arrival at the destination, the drivers would normally be asked “How many punctures did you have?”

To travel by car was an adventure, by motorcycle an experience never to be forgotten, but to cover the distance by motorcycle at racing speeds…!

To cater for all sizes of machines, it was a handicap race with the little bikes leaving as much as 5 hours ahead of the scratch man.

The initial DJ Rally The Classic Motorcycle rally races were in fact raced from Johannesburg to Durban over a three-day period with stop overs in Standerton and Ladysmith. In 1919 the race moved to a two-day event and has remained as such to this day with a stopover in Newcastle. 1922 saw the event change cities and has been ridden from Durban to Johannesburg since.

The history and the experiences of South Africa’s greatest motorcycle racers taking part in the race are well documented and could fill several books on the courage, disasters, excitement, determination and spirit of the entrants as well as the bikes they rode. Sadly, the last event was held in 1936 after which the authorities stepped in and banned racing on public roads due to the higher speeds and increased volumes of traffic.DJ Rally The Classic Motorcycle Rally

In 1969, the late Dick Osborne, himself an avid motorcyclist, persuaded a group of enthusiasts to help him organize a commemorative DJ run, using the roads that the original race covered and most importantly, using motorcycles that were old enough to have participated in the last DJ race. This eligibility limit meant that the bikes had to have been manufactured before 31 December, 1936.

The format of the run would be a competitive rally running to varying set speeds and participants’ performance would be monitored by hidden marshals placed along the route. The run would be over two days (as was the original race), with an overnight stop in Newcastle. The original Schlesinger Vase, still in existence, would be awarded to the winner.

The first commemorative DJ Rally The Classic Motorcycle rally run was in 1970 and it has taken place every year since except for 1974 when the authorities refused permission due to the petrol shortage.

The event is acknowledged as the premier vintage DJ Rally The Classic Motorcycle rally in South Africa and has International status and is run under the auspices of MSA (MotorSport South Africa) and FIM Africa (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, previously known as the AMU – African Motorcycle Union).

The event attracts huge interest amongst all veteran, vintage and classic motor car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The DJ Run is organised and promoted by the Vintage and Veteran Club of South Africa.

For more info please visit www.djrun.co.za