Fraudsters are trying to sell motorcycle trailers and bike trailers

Be careful when buying motorcycle trailers and bike trailers

Trailrite Trailers has been manufacturing trailers since 1977 and need to make the general public and clients aware of the conmen trying to sell fictitious products especially trailers unsuspecting or ignorant people.

Crime and fraud spikes as the year draws nearer to the December holidays. The criminals prowl on the ignorant public who are looking for a bargain buys at prices that are “too good to be true”. This fraud and criminal activities are wide spread and can be found across the country as people are looking for bargains on-line, be it for a lounge suit, TV, holiday accommodation or a trailer.Fraudsters are trying to sell motorcycle trailers and bike trailers

It has come to our attention that the fraudsters have found a target market in the form of motorcycle trailers and bike trailers. They are stealing information and photos from the websites of reputable (and sometimes no so reputable trailer manufacturers) and then cloning it to use as malicious adverts on “free classified” type websites, such as Gumtree, OLX and Junkmail. These fraudulent adverts claim that they are the manufacturers of these bike trailers and that valid registration documents are supplied on the purchase of your “trailer”. Their victims then lured in buy the bargain prices and are quick to pay deposits on the face value of the advert and supporting photos. The conmen then never deliver and you lose your money. The tragedy is then compounded as your holiday plans have been shattered through both the loss of money and not having a trailer to take your motorcycle or other items with on your annual vacation.

Please be aware of these scams when searching on-line for your bargain trailer, be it a bike trailer, luggage trailer, ect. Adverts that are too good to be true often are…! It is human nature to bargain hunt and pay the cheapest possible price for products and for that reason these conmen are feeding on ignorant people who are lured into their web of deception. Don’t squander your hard earned money and give it so willingly to these conmen. If you cannot view the trailer in person, then get a friend or family member to go and view it for you. You also need to ensure that the VIN (vehicle identification number) on the E.NATIS registration documents are both stamped on the trailer’s A-frame and appears on the manufacturers data plate are the same and are correct. If the trailer is brand new or manufactured after September 2012 the trailer must also be MICRO-dotted and the original accompanying certificate must accompany the registration documents and the ID of the person / proxy selling you the trailer.

If you suspect that the advert you are reading might be a scam please report it to the hosting website.